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Samsung Galaxy S4 expected Release date , Specification and Price Details

The next flagship from the Korean Giant may include Wireless charging with larger battery. More »

Emerging Trend Large LCD Monitors For Surveillance and Security

Increasingly video-based surveillance and security systems are being widely adopted by both corporations and consumers primarily due to increasing need for surveillance in these turbulent times More »

Canon Cameras – the best friend of hi-tech photographers

If you are a photographer by hobby or by profession then the Cannon Cameras will be greatly fascinating devices for you! More »

Wonderful Samsung GALAXY S III and its wonderful features

In the market obsessed with variety of new and smart phones, surviving all the critical acclaims is a little bit tough job. More »

Sharp 108” LCD TV /Display: An Eye-Catcher for Businesses!

In November, Sharp India did the product release for the largest flat panel LCD display in the world – the 108-inch LB-1085 model. More »

The new Apple iPhone 5 – what all it has got for you?

Apple iPhones have always favorite among the mobile users due to its overwhelming features and smart applications. The recent from the Apple is the iPhone 5 which is smart enough to capture the attention of the younger as well as previous era’s younger generation. More »


Are Mobile Apps or Mobile Websites Better for Businesses?

mobilewebsitemobileappWhen a company decides to create a mobile platform, there is often a question of whether to go for a mobile app or a mobile website. The answer to this question is going to depend entirely on what the company wants to achieve, and what the company does. A publishing company that offers monthly magazines, or a company that requires a lot of interactivity from the customers might be better off with an app.

3 Pillars Of The Strong SEO 2013 Strategies

2013-SEO-StrategiesThere are many people who wonder what a good SEO strategy is?  A good strategy is the one that makes the difference between two factors – one that your business should be easily recognized in the crowded world of the web. The other that it gets lost in that crowded world where everybody is trying to stand out of the crowd.

Nokia Dominates The Market Of Windows 8 Based Smart Phones

WindowsPhone8SRedThe latest in-depth report by AdDuplex, which is one of the biggest and largest promotion platforms for Windows and Windows 8, based phones shows that out of the entire Windows 8 based phones sold in the market almost 90 percent of them are Nokia Lumia smart phones.

Which 2013 smartphone is the best for gaming?

smartphone-gamingIf you’re a gamer then you no doubt play games on your phone while you’re outside and waiting for something. If not you should definitely check them out as you may well be surprised by the quality and number of games you can download instantly from your App Store online on the internet.

Useful Business Apps for Android Tablets

Apps for TabletsUsing a tablet for business is convenient. However, because there are so many apps out there, it’s a challenge to find which one is right for what you want to accomplish. When it comes to the recreating an office suite of products for tablets, a few stand out –but not all make the grade.